HP48GX compatibility


Hi all

Does anybody use the HP41cv emulation card with the HP 48gx calculator?

It was originally made to run on a HO 48 sx.

Thanks for your attention.



I recall some issues with that.

A better solution is to get Rastprogrammer's 41 emulator. He has a pretty awesone freeware version, but if you send him some euros, or dollars, it is a total powerhouse.

BTW yo ucan emulate a 41c, a cv, or a cx as you may desire :-)


Thank you bill

Where can I get this program?


Dear Inigo,

You will get information on Hrastprogrammer's emulators at the following address.


I am an highly enthusiastic fan of Hrastprogrammer's HP41X/Z Emulator as you will be able to understand from the following thread :


Best Regards

Antoine M. Couëtte



As I know the HP-41 Emulation card of HP does not work on the GX version, because there are direct jumps in the addressing due to increase it´s speed. I only know one single card that works stable in a GX.... catch it if you can ;)


We are such an international group aren't we :-)


It´s fine. One question and people of four countries talking about it.


Hi Matthias,

I know this card, too;-)




I have the emulator card as well as both the 48SX and GX. I could never get the card to work on the GX correctly.



yes, I know;-)

There were some threads in the past where I explained

why the original card won't work in the GX.

However, the HP41CV emulator card Matthias mentionned is a very special one,

there exists only one of its kind (ok, actually two, because I have the 'master' card;-)

It contains the only (Zengrange) HP41CV emulator version

which works reliably on the HP-48GX.

This version was not published yet

to the public due to copyright reasons...







Please tell me haw can I buy the emilation, payment, etc.



As Antoine wrote above, you can find all info on:


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