Another article about the 12C


This one includes things like sales figures, which is interesting.

But why is Dennis holding it upside-down? I assume it says something funny in the display, but it's too small to tell.


I've found another version of the article here which has the caption 'Dennis Harms says "hello"', but no browser I have displays the full-sized image properly, and I can't be bothered to debug their site for them.


Frank, I went to the site that you referenced and clicked on the actual picture which then enlarged. The 12c's display is large and legible enough to see "hello".

I am using IE 6 for Windows.




Well I had similar trouble, with Firefox, IE 6, but my trusted Netscape 4.78 for Unix worked. This is the image:



From the article:

"We still sell a few, mostly to real-estate folk and people taking real-estate exams," ... "This is kind of the tried-and-true industry standard."

Happy business people. But what about scientists? Where is the 15C, 42S or 32Sii? Did they sell "less" than a few?


Apparently, yes, they sold a whole lot fewer of the 11c, 15c, and 16c calculators.

HP has TRIED to discontinue the 12c several times by raising its price. When the price went up, sales went up.

HP wanted to have business people buy the 18c, 19b, 19bII, and 17B models instead of the 12c.

People kept buying the 12c more than the other models.

Sales of the scientific models went down, perhaps because people moved up to the newer models, but perhaps more so scientific users may have been switching over to PCs for a lot of their work...and financial/real estate users kept buying the 12c in large quantities whether they used a PC or not.

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