42s hard case


Anyone know where I could get a hard case or decent leather flip case for a 42s? I understand they were readily available several years ago but i'm not having any luck now.


Leather flip cases (even decent ones) are offered at eBay quite often, but for rather high price IMO. I've seen hard cases once or twice there, too. The latter will convert your nice HP42S pocket calculator into a rather big brick, but for harsh environments like student's bags it may be necessary. Good luck!


The latter will convert your nice HP42S pocket calculator into a rather big brick

I'm not sure which hardcase you're referring to as being a large brick. I have two of the hard plastic cases made by Astech Industries. The 42s slides into them and when closed aren't much bigger than the leather slip case. I can easily carry it in my shirt or coat pocket. It has a neat hinge at the top which lets the case fold back onto itself creating a nice stand which will place the caculator at a perfect working slant.

As you can tell, I really like these Astech cases.

I've never seen the Astech case by itself on e-bay, but have seen them every now and then included with a 42s calculator. I bought mine a few years ago from someone who still had a few new old stock. At that time I paid $75 each for them. Expensive, but well worth it for the protection they give. I use my 42s as my daily calculator in the office and the field.

If you can find one, the Astech case is the way to go.



Yes, I've seen an Astech case with a 42s about 3 months ago on E-bay, but it was the only one since I've been looking. I'm glad to hear they work well for you and I'll continue to look for an Astech in particular. My 42 works 250+ days a year (on a drilling rig, no less)and a $75 case beats a $250 42 replacement every few years. Do you know how sucessful the HP forum classifieds are?
Thanks for the info.


You can try with a HP 17BII case. The 42S it´s a few milimeter higher but it fits with out problems.


Did you really mean the HP 17BII+ case? I don't have an HP 17BII+ to measure, but I did check both my HP 17BII and HP 42S and they were exactly the same size. Also, I had assumed that all Pioneers were the same size.



I think all Pioneers are indeed the same size. However, not all the Pioneer cases are the same size as is evident with one of the cases I own. It is a much tighter fit than the rest.


I have found that the Pioneers even have different cases. All of the ones I have are of a similar design: open on top to slip the calculator in bottom first. The only Pioneer I bought new was an HP 27S back in 1988 or 1989 (I thought HP was synonymous with RPN so I didn't know it was strictly algebraic, but that's another story). The slipcase that came with it was of some sort of cheap molded plastic. Others I bought used sometimes had a nicer slipcase that was stitched together and had a softer material on the inside. There didn't seem to be any logic to the type of slipcase, unless it was due to the manufacture time of the calculator. The used HP 20S I obtained had a nicer slipcase than the used HP 42S. Perhaps the persons I bought these calculators from kept the nicer slipcase for Pioneers they kept -- I don't know.



I've always thought that the cheap plastic version was the earlier one, mainly because all of the HP-42S rev A's I've bought from ebay came with it...

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


You are right. It´s a HP 17BII+.


I happen to have one. I used it for a 32SII. It does fit the 42S too. I just checked with a co-worked that has the 42S. If you are interested let me know. Make me an offer i guess... If you would like to check my Ebay name is coins4bp... To check my rating.


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