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Hi all,

I'm looking for a more complete statistics program that what is included with the 49G+. I downloaded STATPRO, which seems pretty nice, but it locks up the calculator when I use the GUI portion (I tried emailing the author, but no response).

Anyone have any recomendations?



I don't want to offend your intelligence with asking the obvious, but I have Stat49Pro on my 49G+, and it seems to work okay. I am wondering if you downloaded the correct library? I got mine from here If so, have you experimented with saving it to different ports? Is there a possible incompatibility with something you have stored in the same port?

Not much help, and I am sure you have tried this already, but I was saddened to see you couldn't get it up and running on the 49G+. It really is a nifty little program, and it's free.



Hi Les,

Thanks for the follow up. I'm pretty new to the 49G+, and I might have missed a step.

Can you post a walk through...I'm a little fuzzy on the whole "deleting the variable" step.



Do you mean deleting the library from a port so that you can reinstall it?

If that is this case, that is how I just did it:

{ :2: 1043 } ENTER PURGE

On my 49G+, the library is (was now) in Port 2, and its library number is 1043. The PURGE function is in the TOOL menu.

Purging a library is a lot easier on the 49G+. On the 48G series, there is the little extra headache of detaching the library from one or more directories before purging.

I have my copy of Stat49Pro on an SD card. I really don't bother with the USB cable or the interface software so if that is how you are getting the library onto your 49G+ this may not be helpful. At any rate, to reinstall the program I insert the SD card, go to the File Manager (left shift FILES), navigate to the library, RCL it to the stack, exit via ON(CANCEL), then store it port 2 via 2 STO. Then a soft rest with ON-hold-C and it is ready to be launched from LIB menu.

No need for me to purge any variable here. Since I just loaded the library from the card rather than download it into a variable using interface software, it didn't get stored anywhere else.

I really hope you get this up and running. I know the 49G+ has its critics in this Forum, and justifiably so, but I have really come to enjoy mine, and this powerful little library is one of the reasons.



Hi Les,

I finally got it working. Thanks for the assist.

I'm still fuzzy on what function the variables play as part of installing a library, but as long as it works, I'm ok.

Great program BTW! Kudos to the author...


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