[OT] PC-1360 PC-1600


I need manual for Sharp PC-1360 and PC-1600 in english /pdf
Help !!!


I'd love to help, but I've been unable to find these manuals in either English or Italian for that matter, only in German.

There are English manuals available for other SHARP models, which usually are quite similar (at least their BASIC dialects are almost 100% compatible), such as the PC-1460, etc. Perhaps you could do with these.

If so, you can find all available manuals in all available languages from this SHARP site.

Best regards from V.


Wow! These guys are really professional. They have tons of scanned manuals going back to the mid 80s.



:-( German !!!


What are you looking for? You can get the BASIC statements and their syntax from the german manuals. If you need anything else, just ask.


Hello Gileno,

You may find a quite exhaustive description of the Sharp-1360 BASIC implementation on Simon's pocket computer ressources HERE..

It is indeed in English.


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