Emulate the Xpander


The SW of the Xpander is published by Saltire to run on a PocketPC (sh3, MIPS, or ARM inside) or under M$ eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0 emulation. Nice.

My question: someone here who could tell me if it is possible to run in a portable-applications-manner with "Portable CE" or even "Portable CE 2.0" (what seems to be an ARM emulator). And if the answer is yes - who could explain how. My aim is to run old (and not so old) calculators on new HW.



Just for the records:

I's not possible to run the software on keyboard CE machines like the Psion netBook PRO or the HP-720. They run CE but are lacking the PocketPC libraries.




Thank you for this hint. But I do not go for a real HW platform, just the a. m. "Portable CE 2.0" which is told to run native Pocket PC binaries. I tested it with Giesselink's E42MB106 and E48MB109 (whereas I am not sure if this is a test to the very depth). So now I'm about hunting down the "native Pocket PC binaries" (for an ARM-CPU) of the Xpander.

I assume it is concealed within data2.cab packed in XpanderSetup.exe
from Saltire. But none of the unpacker I have at hand reveals more than an error message (Zip, WinRAR, ZipZag) and even M$ WM V5.0 shows 'Installation of data2.cab was unsuccessful'. Hard cheese!


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Hi Mike,

although I have no experience with an ARM-emulator, I successfully had the Xpander-Software on my Jornada 928 running. You need to install the package on your PC first. After that, start ActiveSync and let it transfer it to your portable device. The problems I ran into were:
- it uses a lot of memory
- The mathkeyboard.dll often made trouble (error: dll not registered). Sometimes this could be changed by registering the dll with a freeware tool, but not always.

Now that I have a real Xpander prototype, there's no nead to have the emulator on the 928 so I deleted it. But for a long time it was the only way to work with an Xpander.

Hope this helps

Regards - Karl


Thank you for your advice. Since this WE I am able to run Windoze Mobile 5.0 in a "M$ Device Emulator V2" directly from my USB disk. With the Device Emulator Manager I may 'cradle' the emulated device and connect via ActiveSync as you describe with the real HW. The installation of the Xpander shows a message like "may look different as the program was made for an earlier version of WinCe", but it seems to work quite well. Up to now the emulator tried twice to call at home to report an error, but it is quite sufficient to play with the Xpander's functions.

Currently I try to do an Xpander skin but the skin engine is a bit fussily. And I'd like to get some elder ROM's of ARM-based PocketPCs, just to test if Xpander goes smoother with it. If I only know where to get those binary immages. Offers M$ dated OS versions too as Apple does?

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