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A brief message on the first page explains why the servers have been down recently. Everything is up and running, including the wiki, although the site has not yet returned to its' regular color theme (hopefully no one cares *that* much about how our site looks).



Hey, it only took a week!

That means we should see a finished product sometime in 2012.

Seriously, you asked earlier what you should do to increase confidence that you will ever actually produce anything.

Freezing specifications is important. You can't hit a moving target. Is it not yet time to know what you want to make?

Keep the little things going - like the website. As has been said, it is much easier to keep a website up and running - and not hijacked - than to produce a product. If you can't do the easy things, then why should people believe the more difficult ones.

Set a date when you'll have something concrete - prototypes even. And then work like mad to hit the date. Is it 1 year away? 5 years away? 20 years away?

Once you have a prototype - something physical that actually works - then get some people here to look at it and comment publicly.

So far, what you have is really vaporware. Well, that and some CAD drawings.


take a nice deep breath, hold...... now exhale and relax. Feel better? Your're getting way too worked up about this.


Actually, I am not worked up because I expect nothing from openrpn.

Hugh had asked for a list of things I thought he should do to change the minds of skeptics so I gave him one.

In my opinion, the people who get worked up about this are the true believers who think that openrpn will save them and return the glory days of HP calculators. It is such a religion that when doubters point out the obvious, they tend to be shouted down.

That is getting worked up over things.


actually the people who are optimistic are not the ones doing the shouting. The pessimists are the ones.

Your "list" is dripping with sarcasm and attitude. None of the posts by the "optimists" that I have read were even close to shouting. Also, it seems that the "optimists" aren't depending on Hugh's success, but encouraging him in his effort. Remember, OpenRPN isn't his day job, he doesn't owe you or myself or anyone else in this forum a thing.

Salvation by reviving the glory days of HP calculators??? I don't think so. I would be happy with one that had a visible decimal point and a logical color scheme. I just want a decent calculator. Hugh is saying that he is trying, so I wish him well. If it doesn't work out that's ok too, life will go on.


Couldn't have said it better.

My understanding is OpenRPN is an open source project, that can grow only because of individual contributions of *volunteers*.

I'm working on the SW part because it's fun. I have very little time, so it's going really slow and I could use some help. Hint. hint.

But the main thing is, I'm learning a lot on C/C++, Forth, SysRPL and UserRPL, and I have even more respect for the people at HP who managed to create the 28, 48, 49, etc.

If one day I have an OpenRPN calculator in my pocket, I'll be *really* proud. If not, well, I'll keep my 15c.


In my opinion, keeping a website running should be secondary when the real task at hand is designing and building a functioning mock-up is really secondary.

Why not keeping up the website to keep us informed of project developments rather than color schemes or the position of the ENTER key?

I understand the people involved in the project have day jobs to keep the money coming and things to do, but why not focusing on what is really important, i. e., a tangible prototype, a device to prove that the effort is going somewhere? John's suggestion of a deadline for a prototype seems reasonable to me.

I am just thinking aloud: servers online with progress reports, much in the way Meindert kept us informed about MLDL 2000, a deadline of, say, February 1, 2007, for a working prototype and focus on the hardware, operating system and "the works" of the mock-up. Wearing multiple hats with the basic concern being server reliability and key layout is not helping, or so it seems.

If the prototype works and turns out better than the outsourced models available, I will gladly buy not one, but four. And it would be great if could be possible by mid-2007.

My two cents, no offense, sarcasm or flame war intended.


The lack of a working website hardly means anything---in fact it may be a positive sign that Hugh would rather spend his scarce extra hours moving his dream forward, rather than housekeeping.

Heck, my own website is so sophomoric, and I haven't updated it in 2 years---lost my password--and yet I have more work than I can handle, and get emails looking for info on a regular basis.

It isn't the website that makes stuff happen; the website is only one of many communication tools available, nothing more.

Obviously for some projects (e.g. this museum!) the website is *all important*. But I do not see this as the case with openRPN.

I am 100% interested in the openRPN project and hope they are successful, even though I have been totally non-involved. I am sure there are plenty more like me out there.

Edited: 22 June 2006, 10:27 p.m.


Hey, john, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we all really appreciate how you keep on pointing out that some other people aren't performing to your expectations. Seriously, I can sleep *so* much better, now that you have once again reassured us all that you are *still* unhappy about the pace of progress of the OpenRPN project.

Thanks a bunch. Please keep posting!

- Thomas


And now it seems to be broken again. My computer can resolve the IP address and ping the server, but the web browser reports connection reset every time I try to fetch the front page.

I tend to agree with others that a project that has this much trouble keeping a relatively simple web site running doesn't inspire much confidence that they'll be able to produce a product.


I respect your opinion.

It seems that this topic does stir the passions in some, but it's not worth a flame war.

Time will tell if Hugh is successful or not.


Hugh, here's an idea.

Is there any chance you could attend HHC2006 in San Jose? I'm sure the user community (and HP in attendance) would love to hear first hand about the OpenRPN project.

This would give you a chance to show where you are, where you want to go, and perhaps to recruit volunteers.

It would also give active members of the user community a chance to evaluate what you present, which could be reported back to those who can't attend.

Might help quiet the naysayers (or confirm them if that is the collective judgment of those in attendance).

But that would be a great forum.

Give it some thought? I'd like to meet you there!


Chad and I plan to start attending HHC as soon as we *at least* have prototype production hardware to show off. It is exactly the forum in which we wish to unveil our products. Hopefully representatives from different development areas will be able to attend with us.

There's a very good chance OpenRPN will show up for HHC2007.

Best Regards,


Guys, you are ... pathetic.

After years of bragging, all you can show is some CAD design.

Grow up. Wake up.


Emmanuel, you were closing the loop. Please read some earlier responses and find this opinion was stated already. So, your post brought *zero* progress on June 27th. Nothing more to say.

Edited: 29 June 2006, 2:04 a.m.


Thank you for opening my eyes! OpenRPN will shut down immediately.

Enough sarcasm, OpenRPN is my pet project. I enjoy it, and will continue it even if only for my own pleasure and those who participate.

Glad you had the huevos to try producing calculators of you own.


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