Replacing a dinosaur


A few weeks ago I received a message from an individual in Venezuela. He asked if I could sell him a TI-58, 58C or 59 with an Applied Statistics module. I responded that I had the calculators and the module in my collection but I did not have spares for sale. I also asked why he would want to acquire such old hardware. His response was that he wanted the capability of four programs in the module

ST-06 Analysis of Variance Data

ST-15 One Way Analysis of Variance

ST-16 Two Way Analysis of Variance

ST-22 F-distribution

and asked if I could send the listings for those programs to him. I have done that. I have no idea how he could use the listings since they take up way too much memory if they are not in the module.

Anyway, after some of the recent correspondence about dinosaurs it occurred to me that someone might tell me what more modern device might provide the capability he wants. I know that the TI-74 with its Statistics module and the TI-95 with its Statistics module will provide nearly identical capability, but those machines are probably harder to find than the TI-58/59. I don't know of a later model TI that would

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