Casio Serial Numbers and date of production


Hi everybody,

I know I'm a bit off-topic, but is there anyone among you that knows how months are coded in a Casio Calculator Serial Number? I think the first number is the last digit of the decade, and the following letter stands for the production month; the rest should be the item number or so.

So, if the following is true:

A = January
B = February
C = March
D = April
E = May
F = June
G = July
H = August
J = September
K = October
L = November
M = December
(I argue that the capital I may be read as 1 and so it's been discarded):

a Casio fx-3600Pv with SN 0D904A is from april 1990

a Casio fx-4100P with SN 2B207A is from February 1992

a Casio fx-3900Pv with SN 0M108A is from December 1990

a Casio HR-8L with SN 8Q10606E is from ????

What does Q stand for? Are there perhaps other discarded letters?
And finally: my Casio AS-8D has serial number B713445: how to interpret this?

Thanks to anyone (you may answer personally, if you want).

-- Antonio

PS: do you know if it's possible to retrieve the production date from a Sharp calculator Serial Number?

-- Antonio (I'm over, I swear)

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I can't answer your questions, but maybe the following link may be of help (Philippe's website):



Edited: 17 June 2006, 10:16 a.m.


Grazie, conoscevo il sito ma non mi dà informazioni più dettagliate di quelle che ho già.



Thanks, I knew the site but it doesn't give me more detailed information than that I already got.


-- Antonio

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