Excellent HP15c emulator for Mac OSX


Found this the other day. Truly excellent. The package comes with the ability to load/save programs to files on disk. They provide ALL the programs included in the 15c owners manual and the advanced handbook to load as well.

Very sharp looking. FYI.

You can play with it on a trial basis, but it will interrupt you frequently with a 15 second "nagware" reminder, which is truly annoying. Goes away with purchase.



Thanks for the lead! It lead me to the developer's other products.

I have been on the lookout for an hp12c/cp emulator or simulator. The single one I can find on hpcalc.org is free, but has a fuzzy interface and some computational bugs that it errors on trying to replicate some of the examples in the manual.

This version, like the 15c emulator Gene found, shows real promise. I like the paper tape emulation and the input forms for TVM and cash flow entry.

The nagware pop ups are most annoying but they are supposed to be.

Hereis where to get it.



And here is the link to all the Voyagers emulators Mac/Win.



Using Crossover Office, the Windows version of the program seems to run fine on Fedora Core 5, shareware nag and all!

This guy is definitely getting my $20.00!



Nonpareil emulates the 15C and runs on Linux. I have it for Linux/ARM as well. Nonpareil will cost you $0.


I've used Nonpareil quite a lot. I've also donated to Eric's development fund.

This simulator is nicer. It may not be as cool - Nonpareil being a machine level simulator, and part of a mind bogglingly huge subset of simulators of old HP calcs - but this simulator is nicer. The 15C skin is nicer. The integration of preloaded programs is nicer. The ability to save and restore memory and user programs is nicer.

I don't think that detracts from Nonpareil at all. Eric's goal seems to be to simulate the widest range of vintage HP calculators (41C and before only, so far) possible. He has this nice architecture for doing that. His code is GPL'd, which is not only cool, but generous. However his user interface is somewhat basic. AFAIK, there's no easy way to load user code programs into any of the simulations from outside, to take one example. Mind you, I'm NOT bitching about that. (If I were, one stock - and correct - response would be "send in a patch.") But I think there is room in this world for more than one implementation of Voyager, and many other HP calculators. I also don't mind paying $20.00 for what looks like a good implementation, particularly if it runs on my desktop platform of choice.

Speaking of closed source programs running on Linux, have you checked out the beta of Google Earth 2.0? Runs on FC5!


Nonpareil emulates the 15C and runs on Linux. I have it for Linux/ARM as well. Nonpareil will cost you $0.

It runs even for Mac OS X! I've 11C, 15C and 16C, along with 12C and others working on my eMac, and 15C is linked directly to the dock!

And it's $0.00 too!

-- Antonio

Edited: 15 June 2006, 2:16 a.m.

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