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I know emulators that run the CPU of HP calculators on an ARM platform. The other day I came across the freeware Qemu that emulates an ARM cpu (and few others) on a x86 platform (and some others). What leads me to the question: is there a chance to emulate the ARM-based HP calculators with Qemu? Or is there a better way? Who may shed some light on this subject?



So, we can run a 41c_emulator on a 49g+ emulator on an arm emulator on an X86.


>So, we can run a 41c_emulator on a 49g+ emulator on an arm
>emulator on an X86.

-->in an x86 emulator running on windows> runnig in wine> running on linux in some virtualization software> running in OSX

You missed the last step. . . ;-)





Yep, why not! "Emulators are the poor man's hardware", and if it's only for fun he could never do with real machines. BTW, you know that you could run Linux on S390 machines (and for those exist emulators too of cause <VBG> Hercules for example). I had an "emulated" HP-41 on a "big iron", today I miss the real IBM host.


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