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Amazing what they try to sell on eBay... ;-)



Outstanding advertising, shall bring him some $$$ d;-)


Well, the batteries where quite good apparently but how about the calculator? It's nothing but a casio fx-82 (some of my classmates in the early 80's had one) with a radio shack label. Why bother!


Back in 81, the apartment days, a creepy possession affair occurred about then of which I thought I needed an exorcist. This is the last little piece left of tht era. I had even wrote a small short story of the event. Why is this unit still operating off the original 25 yr old cells ? Why do the cells never leak ?

Because .. wait for it .. you changed the batteries yourself that time you went off your meds!

Simple, really. 8)



I'm surely no battery expert, but this happens sometimes. I ran across an old flashlight I had packed away for about 15 years with two D cells in it. Found it with no corrosion, and when I tried it, it gave a good bright light. I was able to use it regularly after that for quite a while on the same batteries. Or better yet, I bought a box of old scale model race cars, and there were a few of the ancient Mallory (? - black and white striped) batteries rolling around in the box. Based on the design I remember as a kid, I believe they have to have been around thirty years old. They did have a little leakage, but they still ran the motors in the cars quite well. I don't think they're haunted, but I was surprised they still worked.


What Ron said.

I have a Sharp EL-5103 that I acquired about a quarter of a century ago, and it's still on its original batteries. I turn it on once or twice a year, just to see if it still works; so far, it always does.


My Casio College fx-100, bought in 1983, worked with two original AA batteries until 2003, and I changed them before they were exhausted.

Now I expect the new batteries lasting until 2023!

-- Antonio

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