CCD Module Troubles


Does anybody know anything about CCD ROM problems with HP-41CX (Halfnut) devices?
I cannot use any of the address functions (A+, A-, A+B, A-B) without a total crash of my HP-41CX (I have to remove the battery to reset the device).
The CCD Module identifies itself in CAT 2 as -W&W CCD A, the HP-41CX has the Serialno: 2629S20809

Thanks in advance for any hints


Dear Jürgen,

for the HP41 halfnut you need the CCD-Module version B

Regards - Christoph Klug


Dear Christoph,

thank you very much for your information. Until now I can't find anything about this problem in the www :(

Do you know if this problem still exists with fullnut CX models?
I already tested the CCD module-A on a fullnut CV successfully.

Kind Regards

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