HP Journal articles for "landmark" models?


All --

I was looking through the list of scanned Hewlett-Pacard Journal articles in a recent version of the MoHPC CD set, and noticed that there were no scans of articles for a number of "landmark" calculator models. For example, I saw no articles for the HP-11C and HP-12C, which introduced the Voyager-series line. Also, there were no articles for any of the nine Pioneer-series models introduced in 1988. Certainly, the HP-42S and HP-17B deserved their own "feature" articles, as did the entire Pioneer line as a whole.

I also don't see any specific article dedicated to the introduction of the HP-41C, although articles for the Wand and HP-IL Graphics Plotter (utilizing an HP-41) are present.

Were any such articles ever published, or has no one scanned them for the MoHPC as of yet?

The latest scanned article is for the HP-48G/GX in 1994. Was that the last year of publication for the HP Journal?


-- KS


Hi, Karl:

There was a whole (or nearly whole) issue dedicated to
the HP-41C system, which even made the cover.

You can get a glimpse of one of the articles in this
very MoHP, namely:

Best regards from V.


Hi, Valentin --

Yes, thank you for pointing me to the directory of HP Journal articles converted to HTML in the MoHPC pages. I had limited my search to the PDF scans only.

Indeed, the HP-41C deserved nothing less than a full issue for all its innovations, and there it was in March 1980.

Looking through the scans that are present, it seems that HP Journal was probably published at least monthly for a long period of time. However, bimonthly publication was in effect from 1994 through most of 1997, then tapered off and ceased entirely in 1998, according to information in HP's web site. Does anyone know if this was due to the Agilent spin-off or just a change in corportate culture?

It would seem likely that certain Pioneer-series and Voyager-series models (in addition to the HP-15C and HP-16C) received their own articles in the 1980's.

Even though HP is/was a vast company with a wide range of products, it's quite impressive that it was able to fill a monthly magazine with content of substance from their laboratory work.

According to HP's web site:

"The HP Journal was published from 1949 - 1998, earning a well-respected tradition of excellence. http://www.hpl.hp.com/hpjournal/announce.htm

"The HP Journal has been available on the World Wide Web since early 1994." (until 1998, when publication ceased)


Under the "online issues" link, you will find the articles on the HP-35 (June 1972, Volume 23, Number 10) and the HP-48G/GX. These may be searchable PDF's.

Best regards,

-- KS

Edited: 12 June 2006, 3:48 p.m.

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