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Tom Sherman wrote in

> The program (aplet), written by Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu-Lam, is called HPlanetarium, and is available for download at Thu-Lam's website:


> It does not display, however, the coordinates of the 58 navigational stars that are included in the 41 Navigational Pac, and hence is not intended so much for navigation.

First of all, thank you very much for your great message. As I am not a regular user of this forum, I found it by accident while doing a research on the web. I was so glad that I added a special page on the project site, on which I copied your message.
As the message is already in the archive, I disn't find out how to answer without creating a new thread. Please apologize if I am doing wrong.

Tom, you are right, HPlanetarium wasn't meant to do navigational stuff, as I have no idea of what navigation is (actually, only very little). What would a navigational user expect a planetarium to do exactly?

With the HP48/49 version of HPlanetarium, there is a way to use catalogs. A catalog is only a list of sky objects with its names and its equatorial coordinates. So it is not that difficult to create a catalog with the 58 navigational stars.

I planed to add the catalog feature to the HP39/40 version, but I have no time for the moment, because of my studies. I can start working on HPlanetarium again in a month and a half.

PS: if you answer to this message, please forward your answer to my email box, or there will be a little chance that I forget to check this forum. My address is "kdntl", the right part being "".

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