Date discussion for Allschwil Meeting 2006


Hi to all

As I had no time for planing the meeting in 2005 I´m very interested in a good meeting 2006 here in Switzerland. There were a lot of new hardware and sofware evolutions during the last meeting and there is much stuff to show, also from my collection.

As I´m a member of the Extrachoir of the Stadttheater here in Basel, I have a lot of samples here, but finally I found two dates:

  • Saturday, 28 october (also beginning of Basel´s famous Herbstmesse what would be a nice addition to the long meeting)
  • Saturday, 11 november

I just mailed to some users to the community and got a psitive reaction to these dates.

Now it´s up to you to tell us, which of the two dates is prefered to you. Note, that I try to get people from all arround the world. There is Easyjet airport in Basel!

Please do not drop mails to me, but post your interested date here in the forum. If you can add a topic to talk about this would be interesting too.

For the community,


I might be able to attend on 28 October, but I have a conflict for 11 November.

Do you have any recommendations for inexpensive accomodations near the conference site? I'd prefer not to rent a car, if possible.

If I am able to attend, I'd be happy to speak about recent progress on my Nonpareil simulator, and on the "new classic" calculators Richard Ottosen and I are making, which now emulate the entire Woodstock series.

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I have no preferences for either dates. I will travel by car and would be more than happy to pick up other participants along the route (Netherlands to Basel).
Obviously I would like to talk about the MLDL2000 ....



I may have time on both dates.

So what changed since the last Allschwil meeting in November 2004?

Many, many bugfixes in Emu28, Emu42 and Emu48. Emu28 and Emu48 got the keyboard macro player (also the next versions of Emu42PPC and Emu48PPC). Integration of VGA support into the PPC versions of Emu42 and Emu48. Garbage collection for "Load Object..." in all emulators. Memory upgrade for Emu28.

For the RS232C transfer from/to the HP28S I rewrote the transmitter software, because I recognized problems with the timing specific parts beginning on odd or even addresses.

Made tests about ROM image dumping for the HP28S and HP42S over IR with 2400 baud RS232C protocol, you may also have a look at the forum article for further information. But this failed because I found no proper receiver for capturing the data.

And the ultimate highlight, I added a HP41CY Turbo to my collection. Let us remember that the first Allschwil meeting in 2003 was introduced as collectors meeting.



If possible for me, I will attend for sure!

I should have new material to present... More about it later...



Both dates are fine for me. No contribution from me, I'll attend as visitor only.


For the Moment I’m not at all sure to be able to attend, but I happen to go on Holiday to Wallis this Summer. I very well may plan a long Stop in Basel to explore the City and especially the Stadttheater.

October 28 will be the second Saturday of a Week’s autumn Holiday. Who knows? Two Swiss Holidays in one Year?

Anyway, I'll keep both Dates free of Appointments.


I was delighted to be able to come in 2004 - Matthias' Allschwil meetings are excellent meetings to attend, especially for people with an interest in hardware of and for HP calculators.

I would find October 28 easier.

Thanks for announcing this Matthias, and good luck with organising it and getting people to come.

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz


No more postings here?

What is with you, Christoph Klug, Raymond Del Tondo, Peter Platzer and all the happy people that live in Europe (and oversea)?


Dear Matthias,

yesterday I have a meeting with Raymond - yes we are comming to the Allschwil meeting 2006 :-))

Regards - Christoph Klug


Hi all,

Thanks for your invitation Matthias. It's still too early for me to fix your meeting schedule.

I'm really tight of spare time, and will more likely keep this way for the rest of the year. As the date comes closer I'll mail you back to confirm my visit.

Best wishes.



and sorry for the delay;-)

The 28th of October is ok.

There are new versions of my HP-48 software turbo,

which accelerates the user interface incl. forms and choose boxes,

a new version of the CCD OS/X for the HP-41,

and another new HP-41 ROM package you may have

never seen before in this combination,

Aside from that, I have developed an INIT module for the HP-41CY Turbo,

which will safely restore both banks of the RAMBox OS

and make the CY functional again within a few seconds.

This will be demonstrated at the meeting.



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