Details of HP48 Repair


(most of the images are clickable; comments and critcism both welcome; enjoy!)

Edited: 4 June 2006, 5:23 p.m.


In case I ever get brave enough to try this (hopefully, I'll never need to), would this differ very much for the 48 G/G+/GX series?


The directions are the same for the HP48G series.


Sorry Han,
but the .zip file is not accessible: could you please check it?

Oh, and thank you very much, BTW... ;-)



Try it now =) I forgot to set the correct permissions on the file


This is not a forum anymore... :-) looks like I phoned you!


Now it is!

Either you were really quick at fixing it, or I had some problem somewhere that prevented the download.

Anyway, thank you!


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