Rebuked, again!


I thought you guys might find the question/response to eBay #9735513486 quite humorous.

I am not the seller, by the way.


I am not the seller, by the way.

I am though.

If you like that response, you'll love this one even more. It was the same buyer who contacted this seller. Where do you think I got the idea, for the comment? I always wondered how he got so many things to sell, at absurd prices, since he never bids high enough to win anything. Now we know.

Edited: 4 June 2006, 11:16 a.m.


Wow, Dennis seems to *hate* him;-)


Hi Raymond; I see by your use of the winkie that your note was tongue-in-cheek, however; It's less hate than dislike of being played for a fish (by a bottom feeder). In English, hate would be personal.


LOVE this one!


That was a nice one:-)

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