Is anybody selling good backlabels for HP-65/67/35 ?



in the following of the thread we had some time ago (ok perhaps a bit out of it, but it was mentioned there).

Can you point me to someone who makes nicely done backlabels for older HP Calculator models?

Or perhaps some good technique to do them? I think the worst part is to find a medium were to print them, the label seems to be made from a metal sheet and I doubt a normal printer can print on it.



I have purchased excellent copies from obh8899 (ebay pseudo) in Malaysia.

They are somewhat thicker from the originals but great quality and fidelity.

I've used one on an Hp-70 I've sold in this auction.

Sorry but my digital pictures are SO bad and blurred that they don't show how nice the labels are. They ARE crisp!



Hi Etienne,

nice. I just wanted to ask:

1 - Did you had any problem with customs? Customs taxes and all.

2 - How much did you pay if it's not a big indiscretion from my part? :)

3 - Are the labels made of paper or of metal like the original ones?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Jorge,

1 - No problem with customs or taxes because the labels were sent in a simple unregistered letter from Malaysia.

2 - Ahem, it was a long time ago and I forgot the amount. I'll try to find out and tell you.

3 - They are made of metal a little bit thicker than the original. I perceive this increased thickness as a quality improvement and the print is excellent.

I still have these 67 & 65 labels. If you email me your email address through the museum contact, I'll send you a picture of the labels.



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After research, I paid USD 12 per label which gives roughly EUR 9,35.



I remember this guy also sold the little front labels for all HP35,45,55,,65,67,70 and 80.



My experience was the ink on them is much more fragile than the originals. It scratches very easily and is not very resistant to solvents.

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