baterry door for a 15C hand held calculator


I am looking for a battery door for a 15C or 12C hand held calculator. I am a marine systems developer and this little calculator has been the best purchase ever. So if any knows where I can get one please advise.


Paul M. Osborne P.Eng



Unfortunately, hp seems to no longer stock the part, at least there doensn’t seem to be any way to select it at this link. You may get lucky and a kind soul (with spare parts) will be able to help you. However, most people treasure their 11C, 15C and 16C models as much as you do, so a spare door may be hard to come by. Absent such luck, your cheapest option may be to purchase a 12C on eBay, making sure to get an older one that uses the three A76/LR44/357 button cells. The current 12c and 12cp use a single CR2032 coin cell and the battery door is different. I am not sure when they switched over to the new battery type. I have a Malaysian-made unit from 1998 that has the old-style door. Older 12C’s from the early-to-mid 80’s made in the USA and Brazil are somewhat collectable, but I don’t believe that the later units made other places have achieved that status (yet?), so one may be had for reasonable cost. Maybe you could re-sell the 12C sans battery door.

My apologies if I have stated the painfully obvious.

Good luck.

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Paul --

You could look on eBay for auctions that include only a battery door, or a non-working 10/11/12/15/16 Voyager-series model (except the 12C's from the past few years) for spare parts.

Auctions that inlcude only battery doors are easy to find for the Pioneer-series models (and maybe the 18/28 "clamshell" models, whose doors were of poor design), but I'm not sure about the Voyagers.

-- KS

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