33s version at DynaTech.de?


Does anyone know whether DynaTech has the latest (S/N >= CNA524) 33s units? My German is barely adequate to navigate the site, and asking a technical question is far out of my league. There is a suggestive "jetzt NEU!!" in the short description on the web shop page, which could mean that they have the new ones, but I could be wrong.


I. Nejgebauer


Hi, Ivan:

Two suggestions:

  • Do include the link to the web page you mention, so that we can have a look at it and perhaps be able to tell you if they're new or not.

  • You can translate arbitrary texts by using Babelfish online. I've used it to make technical questions to German sellers, and the translations seemed to be good enough, because their answers were to the point, and once translated by Babelfish were perfectly understandable to me. Maybe it would be useful to you as well.

Best regards from V.


I've just posted a question on their website.

Be patient!


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