HP-71B: ShowPort Question


I have many HP-71B. Some are plastic back and some are metal back. I just noticed something that either I never knew, have forgotten about, or am just messed up on this.

On my metal backs, if I do SHOWPORT with 32K RAM in front port or RAM in card reader port, it isn't listed with SHOWPORT. However, on my plastic back models, these show up with SHOWPORT. My plastic back are 2CCCC and 2CDCC.

The manual says SHOWPORT lists plugin memory and IRAM but doesn't specifically say one way or the other, on this particular point. Anyone know if this is normal. It seems normal, since I have tried this on multiple 71B and with multiple RAMs but I just don't recall this limitation. I do find that if I FREEPORT any of these RAMS, they then do show up.

Edited: 28 May 2006, 12:44 a.m.


I just remembered that the 1BBBB version SHOWPORT doesn't have all the capability of the later versions. There is a SHOWPORT lex, which when loaded on a Ver 1BBBB will give it the full capability.


Yes, Rodger is right. On HP-71B 1BBBB version, SHOWPORT doesn't list the merged ports, whereas it does on 2CCCC/2CDCC versions. If you free the ports, you will see them on all machines.



Because it was consistent between versions, I figured it must be normal. But I thought I'd ask anyway.

J-F, Did you receive the email that I sent yesterday? Just curious, if my mail was getting through.

Edited: 28 May 2006, 9:56 a.m.

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