Mountain EPROM programmer deal


Some of you may say „These are frustrated words of a hardcore collector”, but maybe there is something else, so please read my words in here:

As you have noticed, a collector in Europe sold his rare Mountain EPROM programmer this week. What a opportunity to get a long searched item, I thought. Then I read the auction terms: “May be for sale at best offer. Please don't ask me for one price and make your best offer.”

I know, I started some “auctions” like this in the past... below you will find the rest of this part...

I contacted the seller that these are no fair terms for an auction, as potential bidders do not have any indications for a fair deal. The seller can say “You are no longer the highest bidder, please set a new bid or the item will go to another bidder”, although the bidder still IS the highest bidder, just to increase the profit of the seller.
So these are my two proposals:

a) I´m not the best friend of Ebay as the prices are sometimes extremely high, but one thing I have to say: Ebay is a fair market place as all interested people can see what happens with the item. There is also the possibility to set an auction in “privacy mode” so that the bidders name is not shown.

b) If you do not like Ebay, the “auction text” should have been something like this: “For the first offer above 1500 Euro I will sell my item”. This is clear, as the seller of a “Maybe for sale auction” HAS a desired price he would sell his item. Do not say “I don´t know it´s price but maybe I´m willing to sell it but I do not know when.”

As I think I´m a hard, but fair collector I will show all my details to this so called “auction” of the Mountain programmer:

Mon, 22 May (17:36): My first offer to the seller: 500 Euro.

Mon, 22 May (night): Updated my offer 1000 Euro for the programmer plus the three EPROM sets I won in Ebay auctions half an hour before (so this is 925 Euro for the programmer).

Tue, 23 May (09:12): Answer of the seller: Your bid is actually the best.

Wed, 24 May (00:56): Answer of the seller: You're actually the higher bidder with EUR 1000 including 3 couples of preprogrammed EPROMs. End of auction : may 24th at 21:00 Paris Time.

Wed, 24 May (06:15): Please let me know in time, if there is a higher bidder.

Wed, 24 May (08:56): Answer of the seller: The higher bid is from you, id est EURO 1000.
This information was only given in order to inform all the people. Now each bid is secret and the bidder name too.

Wed, 24 May (23:06): Answer of the seller: Sorry but another guy overbid you. He contacted me last week and made an offer in case of I would sell the unit but I only received his mail this morning. Have a nice week-end.”

The seller told me several times, that I´m the highest bidder. I knew there were two other interested people. I know them very well and I call them my friends even if we sometimes overbid the others. The seller told me after his dead-line that I was overbid and that I do not have any chance to set a new and higher bid. And this is exactly the point: Why do I not have the possibility to set a new and higher bid? (No, please do not try to compare this to the Ebay rules as the seller consciously did not use Ebay).

So, this is a attempt to all interested people to free your mind and to tell me / us, what you think about this sort of deals. As I published my bid above I would be very interested in a reaction of the highest bidder (are you that polite to tell us your name?), as I think there was some sort of cheating in this deal.

Above I said, that I did these sort of auctions in the past too. So, this is a promise to all of you: I WILL NO LONGER START THESE SORT OF DEALS - PRIVATE AUCTIONS WITH NO TRANSPARENCY TO THE BIDDERS. This are not only words of a frustrated bidder (yes, I´m very frustrated about a seller who was a good friend of mine as I thought), but for you all, this is a promise and you can remember to me if I ever would act against this words!


Matthias Wehrli

PS: Sorry about my poor english, but there in Switzerland only primary teacher have good education to teach their students... No, just a silly joke to calm down myself.


I was interested initially, but when the auction type changed several times, I decided not to bid. I chose not to bid, because these types of auctions are subject to manipulation by a seller. First it was "Might Sell Best Offer", then it was "For Sale Best Offer", then it was "notifying bidders of current high", then it was a "time limit offer, private sale". The rules kept changing. I rarely get involved in these types of auctions and told the seller that I would not be bidding, for just this reason.

It is his item, though, and he is free to sell it how he chooses. However, it appears that he was telling people the current high bid initially. But he told wrong current high bid, to everyone, at the time the actual high bid was known. That being the case, and the fact that a bid was supposedly in the week before, he should have given everyone a chance to know that correct high bid and make a counter offer. After all, only the winner was told the correct current high bid. Everyone else was told an incorrect high bid.

Just my opinion on this.

Edited: 25 May 2006, 1:49 p.m.


Although I was not interested, I searched the web for it. 2 hpmuseum-thread appeared, one showed someone offering the programmer to the current seller, in the other I understood the price for this programmer and EPROM-holder was $75.

Looks like a good deal, but this is a very rare item, so I also understand the high prices.

Greetings to all.


I was also interested. I offered $1400. 
It's a really rare item and very useful.
But customs tax for parcel coming from France with such declared / insured value are astronomical.
Another point.
You may consider it was For Sale Best Offer.
You are disappointed but the seller can choose the buyer regarding a lot of things including the tax for instance.
Emmanuel is a nice guy. You did not write it was that man?!
I dealed with him a lot and I never was disappointed.
Did you mention that a buyer contacted him one week before this 'auction'?


1. I´ know the seller very well as he was a member of my first meeting here in Switzerland.

2. I was very dissapointed as he published my offer to everyone so that it was an easy game to set a higher offer at only $1. I think, the highest bidder should always get a second chance if he is no longer the highest bidder. Of course I know, that the seller sets the terms of the deal. I only wanted to argue that they are not fair in my opinion.

3. No, I din´t mentioned that you / a buyer contacted him one week before this "auction" because he did not mentioned in a mail as long as I was the highest bidder.

By the way: I wouldn´t say the programmer is "usefull" as there are better opinions than EPROMs (like the MLDL2000, Ramboxes or the Clonix/NoVRams). It´s more a collectors item than a users item.



It´s more a collectors item than a users item.
I'm always using a HHP 16K EPROM BOX.:-)
Can be addressed from page 0 to page F.
That's not the case regarding MLDL2000, Ramboxes or the Clonix/NoVRams.


The MLDL2000 can be configured in such a way that any ROM image can be addressed at any page and any bank, there are really no limits.



Great !!!
I never thought it could be the case. :-)
How much for such device?
Thanks. Yours.
Mark, Mexico.



Please send me an email with your contact details so I can put you on the waiting list. All details of the MLDL2000 (technical and pricing) can be found at The issue is that there is currently a waiting list for the remaining MLDL2000 units. These are units that failed initial testing and are now under repair. If these are sold out or I cannot repair them anymore then then there are no more units available, unless there is enough interest to justify a new production run. I would need about 25 units for a economical production run (unless you are willing to pay for all costs). Also, for a potential new production run, there will be no cardreader shells available, so you would have to organize your own housing.




Hi Mark

If Meindert accepts this I can trade my second MLDL2000 plus some money for the EPROM programmer.




It is your MLDL2000, so it is really up to you to decide if it is a good deal or not ;)




the MBK ProfiSET, which consists of 8K ROM OS,

and (up to) 32K RAM, can also be configured at (nearly) any address.

Actually, the RAM and ROM portion can be configured separately.

So if you wanted, you could set the ProfiSET ROM to address 0,

and the RAM to address 4, or vice versa,
or even switch off RAM or ROM;-)


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