Got a couple of interesting HP-71B items today (2CDCC, 2CCCC)


First, I got a Topcon Survey Module with overlay. This was an unexpected bonus in the 71. The TopCon was delivered on a 64K EPROM with the Topcon Instrument label on the EPROM. Not that it's anything special but I wasn't expecting it.

Then, I was checking version in some new 71B and found a half way decent 2CCCC version 71B. I've got a couple of 2CDCC versions already but this is the first time I've seen the 2CCCC version.

Lucky day today!

Edited: 24 May 2006, 11:28 p.m.


I've got a couple of 2CDCC versions ...

So, would this be one of the HP-71B's with 2CDCC ROM version at a BIN of US$500 or Reserve > US$100?

Mint HP 71B Computer Calculator 2CDCC Manuals and Case

Just to clarify (from my own recollection of facts): The original ROM versions 1AAAA and 1BBBB were released in 1983, with a fair number of bugs found. Revisions 2CCCC and 2CDCC were released in 1985, with the 2CDCC version issued very shortly after the 2CCCC version, correcting only one or several bugs.


AFAIK the 1AAAA ROM was never officially released.


Although, I know someone who has one. And in fact, he says he as a 0AAAA also.


Could well be. I didn't say that they didn't exist, only that they weren't "released".


So, would this be one of the HP-71B's with 2CDCC ROM version at a BIN of US$500 or Reserve > US$100?
As a matter of fact.

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