hp 17b II


I am looking for hp's 17BII software for a PDA. please help


I do not believe it is publically available. (it may be available through Hp, check for Hp17Bii+, and it may only be available for educators, if at all)

If you do not mind downgrading, the Hp10B and the Hp12c emulators are available from various websites for the PC (which should work for your PDA).

If you really need all the features of your Hp17Bii, you might consider an Hp48G download and using that. Then download any additional financial programs to your Hp48g PDA system.

My suggestion is the Hp10B as its keyboard layout is most similar to the Hp17Bii. No programming or solver, but you probably have Excel on your PDA anyway (or some similar clone).

Let us know how you solved your problem and why. We would appreciate feedback.

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