"SHIFT GTO ..." Don't work! ! !


What do you expect the third "." to accomplish? If you just want to pack program memory and position to the end, the command is "GTO ..".

If it doesn't work, what does it do? What is displayed?

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Eric --

Thanks for the link, which contained an informative and very witty essay!

Gileno --

Please heed Eric's advice.

I wrote the following, until I later realized that you were talking about an emulator/simulator. Nonetheless, it may prove useful to owners of real 41C/CV/CX calc's.

"GTO .." and "CLP" execute the "PACK" command, which essentially defragments program memory. PACK itself might fail to complete, if the contents of program memory are corrupted. The Extended Function "PCLPS" does not execute PACK. It is built into the 41CX, and is available on the X-Functions module for the 41C or 41CV.

Recently, program memory became corrupted on my own fullnut HP-41CX. PACK, CLP, and "GTO .." all failed, and the calc malfunctioned in other ways as well. PCLPS enabled restoration by deleting the corrupted programs prior to my manually executing PACK.

Full story here:


-- KS

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What do you expect the third "." to accomplish? If you just want to pack program memory and position to the end, the command is "GTO ..".

If you have the ZENROM, GTO. gives you GTO ST _ , GTO.. gives you GTO ___ and GTO... packs and puts you ready to start a new program after the existing ones.


I have the ZENROM, GTO. gives GTO ST _ , GTO.. gives GTO ST _ and GTO... gives GTO ST _ ?!?!?!!?
I have a pamlTX

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Port 1 = PPC
Port 2 = ZenRom
Port 3 = CCD
Port 4 = Advantage

Perfect !!! :-)


There is some information in the Articles Forum:

by Reinhard Breuer on 24 July 2000, 11:10 p.m.

Might try switching CCD and Zenrom port locations, see what happens. They are both using the same I/O poll.



While we are all speculating what the original poster really meant, here is my take:

If you want to go to the last program in memory without packing or adding a new END, you can use routing GE from the PPC ROM. This is a synthetic routine, but it can be copied from the ROM to RAM, so you do not need to have the PPC ROM itself. I have this routine in all my HP41s.


PS it looks like asking vague questions results in lots of interesting replies. Maybe I should post a new message with
a simple question mark as the subject and no contents :-)


Listing of GE (from RAM):

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