CMT-71-P01 EPROM Programmer (5th Update, 32K EPROMS)


Initially, I was thinking that there wouldn't be much use for the 32K EPROMS as it won't allow combining multiple application ROMS. But, I have found that many applications are smaller than 32K and allow adding a few utilities, to be added to EPROMs with smaller applications, making the 32K EPROMs quite useful.

I'm also finding that this whole project is getting me a little more educated on the way the 71B file system works. Things I once knew and have forgotten over the years, are being relearned.

This whole project is turning out to be a educational experience...... again.

I still think the HP-71B is likely the best handheld device that HP ever made. I'm turning mine into a very useful desktop computer for use at work. People walk by and see it and stop by to gawk at it. "Got a new calculator? It's a little large, isn't it?" I say, "Not for 1984"

Edited: 16 May 2006, 1:14 a.m.

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