41cx re-assign ON function?


Hi Folks.

My 41cx requires extra pressure on the ON key (sometimes a lot) to turn the machine on / off. I've assigned the OFF function to a another key, but no such luck getting the machine on with a different key. It seems the ON function just disables the time-out feature. Is there any way to turn the machine ON manually with a user assigned key?
Any help appreciated.

Best regards , Hal


Not that I know. For the simple reason that the machine must be ON to react to any other key !

Have you ever tried cleaning the contacts ? A small search on this site will delivery you the procedure, quite easy with a little care.


Is there any way to turn the machine ON manually with a user assigned key?

I very much doubt it.

OFF is a built in function/command. It enables switching the machine off from a running program. Once the machine is off, there's no running program anymore; a software initiated ON function would therefore make little sense.

I guess that ON is a hardware (-ish) initiated action. I don't think that reassigning is possible. User keys only react *after* the machine has been switched on.


Use the Wand (barcode reader).

Pressing the scan button on the wand will wake up the HP-41



"Extend Your HP-41" suggests on page 48 that you set a repeating alarm to turn the 41 on periodically. It's a poor solution, nevertheless a solution. He goes on to say that the bar code reader wand can turn the 41 on if you just run it over dark lines on a light surface, even if it's not actual bar code.


Hi, Hal;

based on the HP41 keyboard design, some other keys share either the same row or the same column, meanning that it depends both on the operating system (decoding/demuultiplexing row/column contact signals)and on the hardware to wake itself up. If the ON key has specific lines to its contacts, as it happens with the Pioneers, then it might be hardware-dependant only.

I´d guess it is not possible to assign the on operation to another key unless you change the operating system as well. Maybe it is better to try cleanning the key contacts instead.


Luiz (Brazil)

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