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I was wondering if anyone here has done any trading of HP calculators. What is the best and most fair way to go about trading? Do both parties send their calculators? Or does one party send the calculator and then the other party sends their calculator after receiving the trade?

Any anecdotes and/or tips would be appreciated.



Hi Han,

I remember trading once a new HP-49G for two HP-41CV in very good condition. The other person contacted me through eBay. We exchanged names, phone numbers, and addresses. We were hesitant at first to see who sends his machine first. I decided to be brave and send it first, but NOT before actually calling the other person. He was also concerned that he was actually getting a new HP-49G and not some four-function calculator. I assured him that he was getting a graphing HP-49G with slide cover and manual. I felt more confident after talking to him, so I mailed him the machine. Once he received the 49G, he lived up to his end and sent me two very nice HP-41CVs that I sold well on eBay.

That all may sound simple and smooth until I mention that myself and the other person come from two rival ethnic groups that fought an 8-year war with each other some 20 year ago!!! Not easy to trust someone like that, but it's doable. We both took a chance and happen to be honest and honorable. It's easy to assume that life is not always like that.

My conclusion: you are better off selling and buying (that is trading your item for money, or money for an item). This way you are trading two objects of the same (or almost the same) value.


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Hi Han,

Over the years, I've done several trades. I have done both types of trades - initiated them by advertising for a trade and answering other advertisements for trades. Most trades were within the United States, but did do a couple with other countries.

I traded a Sharp PC-3000 pocket computer for a HP-16C. I then traded the HP-15C for a HP-15C. Once I traded a HP-45 for a HP-25. The gentleman accidently damaged the HP-25 when he tried to clean it. He sent it and offered to take it back. About two days after I received it, he proceeded to send me another HP-25 in mint condition with a note telling me to return which ever one I didn't want.

Several suggestions on increasing your odds of a good trade:

1. Exchange phone numbers and talk on the phone. You can learn a lot about the person during the conversation. If he refuses to give you his phone number, then I would pass on the trade.

2. Do a search on the internet. Has he posted to the HPMuseum formum or to other forums? Read the posts and try to get a feel for him. Has he done other similar transactions? How do others (on the forums) relate to him?

3. Try to verify his address before mailing.

As to who mails first - I've alwayed mailed at same time as the other person. Only once did I get concerned. He received my item, but it was several more weeks before I received his item. I had used airmail and he had used ground.

One last thing - Any transaction can go bad, whether over the internet or in person. But the majority, with a little caution, go fine.


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