When using a form of the Bernoulli Eq. in the solver (one I created not from the library) my updated 49G+ cannot solve for variables. I get "Error Bad Guess(es)" Someone at work who has the 48GX puts the exact formula in and had no problem at all. It is a very basic equation in terms of algebraic operations; for those unaware, there is + - * and / and the squaring of individual variables twice - very basic, my 28S had absolutely no problem. I also put in a much more simple equation that had a square in it(suspecting that is the confusion for the calculator) and I had the problem there too; I don't feel I have really isolated the technical problem, but just throwing that in for more info.

I am new to the 49G+ and recent models (made the quantum leap from the 28S) and wonder if there is some setting or something that I should be checking.

I am going to try to update the ROM again in case some problem in that process but doubt that's it.



I would suggest that you post this question, including listing out the exact equation involved, to the usenet group comp.sys.hp48

That's where a larger number of HP48 and HP49g enthusiasts "hang out".

You can get to that group through groups.google.com

Good luck!


Thanks Gene

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