Batteries inside the original box...



Does anyone have advice on whether I should keep the original batteries that come with the original box of an HP calculator inside the box. For example, I have an HP48SX that's brand new in the box. It still has the batteries. Should I leave them there for completeness? Or should I remove them in case they corrode over the years?



I vote to take them out.


Agree with the above poster. The batteries can leak, and could damage the box, books, and worst of all, the calculator.


I tend to keep them in the box, sealed in two zip lock bags. I put the first bag seal end first into the second bag. I also place them in the box where they will do minimal damage if (when?) they do spew goo.


Why not seal them in a plastic bag, label them, and store them in the back of your freezer to prevent leakage by slowing the chemical reaction a tad? I could *really* preserve them in some liquid helium I have access to, but that's probably a bit of overkill.


I could *really* preserve them in some liquid helium I have access to...

Any ideas anybody what else could be preserved in liquid helium? Your mates? Your current car? Anything worthwhile?



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