How rare is an HP48G+ with black lcd?


I have an HP48G+ with a black LCD screen. Are these fairly rare? Or did HP switch to the black LCD screens for all their HP48G series calculators toward the end of the production runs?


Hi Han,

I also have two HP-48G+ with black LCD,

one them is a Turbo version with 1.2MB RAM.

And fortunately I have an HP-48GX with the new LCD;-)

They seem to be rarer than the 48G+ units with the older display,

at least from what I saw on eBay so far.

AFAIK hp switched to the black LCD at

some time for all their streched pioneers.

Slightly OT:

An HP-48GX with black LCD, combined with my SpeedUI,

is the best thing you can have in the real HP-48 world IMHO.

This is how the HP-48 should have been from the beginning,

with high contrast LCD faster user interface.




Yeah, I use the SpeedUI package, too. I noticed one slight aesthetic bug in the 6-lvl stack program of yours. It seems the wrong number of rows of pixels is scrolled during the display drawing when you type something into the command line. There was a similar bug in EQSTK 9.1.


Hi Han,

yes, this is a flaw of Stk6,

but it's only an optical thing.

As you may have noticed,

the border line between the status area and the

stack display is some pixel rows below the original one,

the same applies to the running clock, if present.

So if you enter something, or in other words,

start a cmd line which uses the normal font,

four stack lines will be shifted up,

and the remaining pixel rows aren't affected yet.

There's another (aesthetical only) flaw in Stk6:

If you set the resolution to the null-named directory,

the path area will show trash.

This is due to the internal mechanics of the

status area display routine of Stk6.

It's an ML code slice which recursively reads the current path,

or it's directory names, from the current CONTEXT to the HOME context,

and directly writes them into the display.

There's already a check if we are in HOME,

and if we're in HOME, the word 'HOME' will

be generated by the code, since the HOME

directory, like the hidden dir, doesn't have a name.

No check if we're in the null-name dir so far,

and thus it's treated as a normal dir,

the code tries to read the name from the structure,

and then displays trash.

The third display-only flaw is in the

6-level interactive stack environment.

When holding the up-arrow key (or was it down-arrow?)

the display shift isn't correct so far.

These flaws are on my list, but not o top,

since they all are of cosmetical nature only.

On the functional side of Stk6, I found no error so far.

BTW: There's a new version of SpeedUI available,

from beginning of April, 2006 .

Amongst some minor fixes and updates,

the CHOOSE engine has been dramatically enhanced and sped up,

and is capable of managing Master-Detail CHOOSE boxes now!

As a side effect, the windowed variable/directory

CHOOSE boxes now allow for the maximum displayable rows,

instead of the fixed four rows.

I sent the new version to back then,

but unfortunately, Eric didn't update his site since March...

I can send you the new version by mail, if you want.



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