HP48SX Not Working


I have an HP48SX and it is not working. There is no display on the screen. I tried to reset, change new batteries and it still displayed blank.

Does anyone have any suggestion on what should I do/

Is there a service center that I could send the calculator in to fix? I live in Seattle, WA.

This calculator is old, but it has sentimental value to me.
Therefore, I wish that I could get it to work again.

Any suggestions for the fix would be gladly appreciated.


I think HP is still fixing them for a fixed charge. Go to www.hp.com, and go to the support for calculators.


Have you tried the old trick?

Leave the batteries out and shorten the battery contacts with something metallic like a paper clip. Let it rest one or two days.

Old HP use to come back to life, doing this!

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