Emu41 and Emu71 updates


Hello all,

Some of you may have already noticed it, but I updated my Emu41 and Emu71 emulators.

Main changes:

Serial COM port support in both emulators, to allow downloading programs/files from Emu41/71 to real HP41/71 with the HP82164 box (even through a USB/RS232 bridge).

Emu71: better behaviour in Windows, improved speed, cut&paste compatibility.

Emu41: emulation of a new exotic module: the "128k" Ram Storage Unit (RSU) from Eramco.

I began to send free updates to recent registered users (less than 1 year). Older registered users can receive an update upon request, still for free but I may need some delay...



Hi, Jeff,

You don't mention the new EPROM version for the Portable Plus! I've been using the freeware version for a while now, and I really like it. I notice you have provided support for HP-IL in the new version. Way to go! What's also interesting is that, like all other versions of EMU41, this version supports the DOSLINK device. That could provide a way to get data from a DOS or Linux PC with an HP-IL card to the Portable Plus. You can do this with the serial port, of course, but I just think that an HP-71 connected to the PP and PC with HP-IL and managing data transfer between the two would be cool. 8)




Hi Howard,

Yes, I started a Resource Page for the HP Portable Plus, a nice machine that is a perfect host for Emu41.

Up to now, this page just includes personal material, namely Emu41 and Term71. I searched for other resource pages for the PP, but didn't find so much thing.


Edited: 10 May 2006, 12:55 p.m.


Dear Jean-Francois, dear HP41 and EMU41 enthusiasts,

actual I finished a software solution for HP41 & EMU41 for transfering data and programms by using the new RS232 gateway feature.

This software plus belonging documentation is now available for beta testers - please give an response by email :-)

The new RS232 gateway between HP41 and EMU41 would be a nice solution for PC hardware which is not compatible to the HP-IL/PC-Interface-Card (PC motherboards which support no ISA-slot).

With the new RS232 extension you are not able to control your real IL-Devices (like IL-Cass-Drive or IL-Digitalmultimeter), this is only possible by using the advanced HP-IL/PC-Interface-Card...

With best regards - Christoph

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