HP-Infrared Printer Replacement


I am not sure if it is of any interest but in the past the question came up if there is a IR printer replacement available.
Yesterday I received the " cordless infrared protocol printer" from

It works with my wireless thermocouple thermometer. Today I used it with my HP-42S and it seems to work fine. Haven't done extensive testing but sofar no problems. It is build pretty sturdy. It runs with 4 AA batteries. No connector for an AC adapter. Tonight I try it with my HP-48GX and the HP-41CV with IR module.

Only problem is price: In the US it goes for $299.00 but if someone really needs one...

best regards,


PS.: I have no affiliation with testo!


The Hp 82240B IR printer is still readily available from most European HP Calculator distributors. Even with European prices the cost is a lot lower than $299. Samson Cables have the 82240B available in the USA for $149

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