HP-67 Battery Pack Question


I'm about to embark on an HP-67 repair job, and the first I want to do is rebuild... or purchase... a new battery pack. The pack I have is the original, which was in use for about the first 10 years I owned the calc... but after an accident which left my '67 "waterlogged" I left it idle for about the last dozen years. There doesn't appear to be any corrosion on the battery pack or its silver terminals, but I haven't opened the pack yet. I've read the various articles at this website on battery pack repair and/or replacement, but my question is this...

Q: does anybody still sell a ready-made drop-in-and-go battery pack module for the HP-67? I mean, something I don't have to cut open, solder, or transplant into my existing battery pack "shell".


You might find one on EBAY.
Otherwise, you can have it professionally rebuilt by any one of the several NiCad rebuilders listed below.


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