75C Help !!!


How do I transfer files of the computer for hp75 using 82164A? 
In HP71B I use copy :1 but in HP75 using copy ":1" he shows "NOT MASS STORAGE"
The configuration is perfect only in the copy command that I have doubt
I have I/O ROM :-)


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You can't refer to devices by their addresses directly on the 75 like you can on the 71. You have to use the accessory ID or the DEVID. I believe the I/O ROM gives you the AID$ and DEVID$ functions. So you could say 'copy "foo" to AID$(1)' for example.

That's all from (dim) memory, so check the manuals for the exact syntax.


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He didn't work :-(


Look in the manuals. What is the name of the function that returns the Device ID? Is it DEVID$()? If so, type "DEVID$(1)" to get the device ID of the HP-IL device at address 1. That should be usable as the thing to the right of ':' in the mass storage identifier. So if DEVID$(1) returned "W00T", you could do COPY 'MYFILE' TO 'MYFILE:W00T'.

If it isn't DEVID$, try whatever the actual function for getting the device ID is. I don't have a 75 in shape to be powered up quickly, and you can look through the manual as quickly as I can. If that doesn't do it, try reading the manual some more. The ability to copy files to and from mass storage doesn't come from the I/O ROM; it's in the BASIC operating system. So the owver's manual will have instructions about how to do file copies. I'd look there instead of in the I/O ROM manual.

Good luck!





"I1" is an interface, not a mass memory.

I haven't tried this sort of thing on the 75. I think the difficulty may be in the file name. Since that's an interface, and not a disk, it doesn't have a directory. So "Name:I1" is wrong - no names on I1. Try this:


Then do the file upload on the PC.

Good luck,



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