Financial Program for15 C


I just bought an HP 15C . Does anyone have a financial mathmatics program for the 15 C they would like to share. Thank you in advance.



Thanks. I will give it a shot.


Gary --

A quote from Gene's HP-29C program description:

This program is not very sophisticated when it comes to solving for the interest rate and can take up to a minute or so to find it. For all but bizarre financial problems, however, it should be OK. Be patient. If you have the HP-34C applications book, you really should use the program in it for TVM: it uses the Solve function for the interest rate.

This is correct, because among the five floating-point variables (N, I, PV, PMT, FV), interest rate "I" is the only one for which cannot be expressed as a closed-form algebraic equation -- numerical iteration is necessary.

The following TVM applications under "Annuities and Compund Amounts" utilize SOLVE, and are quite well-suited to the HP-15C. They can be found in the following manuals:

  • HP-15C Advanced Functions Handbook (MoHPC CD #1 or DVD), pp. 26-39.

  • HP-34C Applications book (MoHPC CD #4 or DVD), pp. 27-37.

-- KS

Edited: 29 Apr 2006, 10:05 p.m.


Thank You. I will take a look.

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