HP 15C keyboard problem


Hi all!!
I have just bought an used HP15C and to my sadness its keys (all the keys)rocks from side to side ... it seems the keys are loose ...and depending on the difficulties to repair or the money I should spend to fix it I will keep or return it.I would appreciate to hear from you all.Thanks!!


Hi, Alexandre; tudo certo? (alles gut?)

I had some experiences when removing Voyagers main(key)board and placing them back that lead me to post an answer. It was really hard to settle the main(key)board back as it was, I mean, with all plastic rivets holding the board in the original, factory place. I have both an HP12C and an HP15C with this problem: the keys slightly move side-to-side. The best I could do was to firmly press the main(key)board while melting some plastic rivets back and making sure only to release the board after they were all back to the current temperature. As for keeping them in place, I usually finish the job with four to six small hard-rubber tabs, cut as small and thick enough to be between the main(key)board and the half back case when the calculator is closed. These tabs sould not be too thick so they'd bent the back case, neither too thin they'd make no difference.

If you want to give it a try, go ahead. Although I have made it sometimes (at least four times), I did not take physical measurements, so I cannot tell you for sure how thick these tabs should be... Sorry! Must go for some expreiments, though.

Best regards and good luck (boa sorte!)


Luiz (BraSil)

Edited: 28 Apr 2006, 12:17 a.m.


Thanks Luiz !! I have sent two e-mails to cscenter.com.br describing the problems ( the division key is not working also )and I haven´t received an answer.They fix hp calcs and seem to be professionals , do you know them ?I hope they contact me and if they don´t I will try by myself following your experience.Thanks again!!


Hi, Alexandre;

good to know that you are going to give your HP15C a try. About cscenter.com.br: have read about about them, do not know them. Can't tell you much. Now that you tell they did not answer, I'd wait for a while. Do they have a phone number? Who knows...

Best regards.



Hi Luiz,

Their telephone number is (51)3023-6333.I have just sent the 3rd e-mail and if it won´t work I will call them.

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