WOODSTOCK Dis-assembling


Having recently aquired an HP25 (my first WOODSTOCK) I was wondering how best to take it apart. I've seen several postings here on how to dis-assemble a SPICE series calculator but nothing on dis-assembling a WOODSTOCK series machine.

Apart from just plain curiosity it seems like the display is actually sloped _away_ from the user inside and is difficult to read unless you move your head directly overhead, so unless this is normal I though I might try to find out why?

There are also some marker pen and glue marks on body of the calculator which I might try removing with a suitable solvent - are there any to AVOID using?

I hadn't realised just how compact the HP25 is, it is a real little marvel given the technology available at the time, interestingly it also seems to run noticably faster than either my HP33C or HP34C.

Now has anyone got a (cheap) UK battery charger :-) !

Mike T.

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They are without a doubt the easiest to open HP you'll ever find. Opening instructions

The LCD array is parallel with the front of the calculator when assembled properly although IMO it would be hard to do it incorrectly.

Isopropyl alcohol gets most glue and some inks off the case without risk. Just keep it away from the keyboard as it will usually leave nasty white spots. Unfortunately some marker inks are quite color fast on the light yellow color of the case.


Thanks, I remembered I had a couple of Isopropyl tape head cleaners (from a TK50 tape cleaning kit) at the back of my desk drawer.

Worked a treat, and I feel much happier too!

Not having continuous memory limits its usefulness of the HP25 but it is SO tactile, being just that little bit smaller than the later SPICE series machines means that it fits very nicely in the palm of my hand, and I don't want to let go.

Now I begin understand why the HP29C fetches such high prices...

Mike T


The woodstocks displays were indeed parallel
to the keyboard (as opposed to being slanted toward the user as in the 67, etc). I suppose that's why they are so compact...meant to be held in the hand rather than used sitting on a desk.
Best regards, Hal

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