Diwa 601-1 Rietz slide rule dating


Wow! I bought today the slide rule in the subject! What a marvel! It's a 12.5 standard, but what a slide rule!

With no jokes, please, about dating a slide rule (something similar recently took place when I started a thread about "dating a calculator"; I know Americans use "date a girl" to mean "establish the date to go out with a girl"; in Italian this has no sense, since we use "darsi un appuntamento" and "datare" means "finding the date"), is there a way to find when a slide rule has been produced? From the box, the leather case, the slide, the stator, the cursor I can get no information apart the following on back side of the slide:

No. 601-1


-- Antonio


Googling around gives a very nice italian site ;-)

As for **when** they were built, I can't help sorry.

Greetings from France



Sorry, I forgot the very best site.



Of several good reference books on slide rules the one I prefer is by Peter Hopp of Great Britain. Unfortunately, my copy is stored at my winter home.

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