Look at this from TI


Now the keyboard can be seen e.g. here

And they have an ENTER-key of the same size as HP d:-( Seems TI becomes the better HP ...

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Well, I hate the keyboard.

But the application looks interesting!



I just checked the German website http://www.taschenrechner.de. Under "News" you can find some info and pricing. The hardware will cost about 180 Euro while the price for the PC/Mac software is shown as "0.00". I hope the latter stays as it is now ;-).

Availability is said to be August this year.

The main issues in the product description are:

  • Software and hardware solution have identical behaviour and can exchange data freely.
  • The different ways to display a problem and its data are dynamically linked (spreadsheet, graph, ...)
  • Text can be added everywhere were needed.
The new beast and its software sister are advertised as learning tools for classroom use. A comparison with the TI-89 line shows that they both use "the newest CAS" so the math capabilities are likely to be the well known ones.

Connectivity is USB only, no longer the TI serial interface. This is a pity because the old CBL can no longer be used :-(.



so the HP calculators are losing the ENTER key, while the TI calculators are now having an ENTER key?



Hello, is this my aging eyes or this thing has alpha keys between the function keys ?
Interesting, but is that usable ?


My eyes show me the same phenomenon, some green buttons (?) with letters printed on. Seems these are meant to be keys, else there must be a row and a column less. I agree with you, this may be an eye catcher, but with limited use for my thick finger tips.


It does seem like a highly peculiar layout, and reminds me of another one. A few years ago, someone patented a keyboard intended for phone handsets which inserted little keys at the intersections of the gaps between the big ones. The concept was that, the big keys could be pressed by a normal finger, but attempting to press the little ones caused you to mash the surrounding keys. And the combination of which keys got mashed indicated which little key was intended.

It was a runaway success in the phone market. As in, success ran away from it.

Besides, I reckon that the moment a keyboard designer adds the 'Esc' key is the moment the design fails.


It looks a bit like those concept cars the auto manufacturers come up with for motor shows. Look lovely, audience oohs and ahhs, completely impractical for real world use.

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