Dating a HP calculator


Hi everybody,

According to MyCalcDB,
the Serial Number for old HP calculators should be decoded this way:

- The serial number can contain the date :

It is the case for the HP's with a serial number in the WWYYx12345 form. x = country code, WW = fiscal week, YY = year-60 and 12345 is a 'serial' number.

while, according to MoHPC,
the week and year are inverted:

Numbers are in the format YYWWC##### where


Is the number of years since 1960.


Is the week (roughly) in which the unit was made. YYWW is not always exact and sometimes may have gone weeks or months without changing.

What should be taken as a consistent method?

Thanks in advance

-- Antonio

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I'm MyCalcDB administrator's, and I made the mistake,
I'll correct that asap.




Another good lurker comes out of the woodwork. Hello Philippe. Cool site you have!


... but to each their own :-)

Best regards from V.


...that do not understand a bit about calculators... (maybe a little bit).


Luiz (Brazil)


I agree.

Calculators are much too analytical to make good dates. But they are good at figuring the tip..



Please don't tell me that the calculator users who participate in the Forum use their calculator to figure the tip.


I rarely take any of my calculators to the restaurant, but if I did, I'd be proud to use it to calculate 10% of $15.95 for a five person meal!


Eat out like it's 1979.


No but they're unashamed to use a slide rule.

Sorry Hugh. I couldn't resist. :-)



Who figures tips that closely? I base what I tip, on how well the service was, not on some arbitrary percentage. And if the service was good, the waitress was cute and flirted with me, I might pay even more. However if the service was bad, it doesn't matter how cute the waitress was and how much she flirted.

Chris W


I find irritating that this thread has become someway offending for women and for calculator lovers.

My question tended to resolve a contradiction, and Philippe has been very kind to answer to the thread and to me personally, admitting he had reversed the concept.

Please, be serious...

-- Antonio


OK, *I* prefer dating men. There, is the thread now less offensive to women?

Just to not stray completely off-topic: my current SO had never seen an HP calculator in his life (he's the product of TI-dominated american schools). He saw me use one of my "antiquities" (as he refers to them), asked where the "equals" key was, I spent about a minute explaining RPN to him, and now he's using it happily!



Don't worry, Antonio, I'm not taking offence at the "way" this thread took, I knew when I wrote this article that "dating" could and even would be mis-interpreted. Sure I use it in the "to determine the date of" meaning (its first meaning).

Maybe native english speaking people could help me to find another word to exclude all mis-interpretation...


PS: I would also prefer dating women, but my wife wouldn't ...
so I fell back on calculators ;-)


It's always beneficial to have a fall-back position! d:-))

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