Definitely the wrong place!


I've been a HP48GX user for some years - not a heavy keypuncher,
but what I need for my daily job (quality of products).
Now I bought an HP49G+ (from Samson - excellent service from those
guys, as always) and I find myself, in 95% of the cases, to push
the ENTER key in the upper left corner just above the number keys!
(it means EEX key, or +/- key, or...)
I didn't expect the "right" position could be so addicting,
moreover for a light user... The HP49 position of the
ENTER must be definitely wrong... ;)


Don't miss this discussion about the placement of the enter key and the binary operator keys:

Position of ENTER (OpenRPN thread)

You see, the right position is to the right, of course;).




> You see, the right position is to the right, of course;)


Not mandatory.

And it seems most of the guys who like a vertical ENTER bar

have missed at least one important point;-)

Please see my posting in the OpenRPN project forum.

IMHO the HP-41 keyboard layout is one of the most efficient layouts ever made,

followed by the keyboard layouts of the HP-32S (not 32SII), HP-42S and the HP-48.

I also like the Voyager series calcs, but they're not very ergonomic

since they can't be operated with one hand as easily as the HP-41.

Ok, this may also be semi-OT;-)




Hi Giancarlo,

I recently posted a message at comp.sys.48 that describes (using the Keyman+ library) how to easily reassign the EEX key (who uses it anyway?) to function as a second Enter key. You'll love it!!

Here is the link.



> easily reassign the EEX key (who uses it anyway?

anyone in engineering. I use it all the time. In fact, I thought it was kind of strange for the HP-41's default display to be FIX 4. I virtually always have mine set to ENG 3.


Garth, you are correct. I'm famous for speaking (and writing) without being encumbered by the thought process :-)

In the previously mentioned link (see Apr.13), I quoted Prof. Rautenberg's instructions on how to reassign the EEX key to function as the Enter key. The second half of the quote goes on to say how to then assign the small Enter key to act as the EEX key, essentially swapping the two keys locations.

Howard's suggestion below is another good option.



Hi Matt.
Even if I'm an engineer, I never use the EEX key (sorry Garth,

but to explain what kind of engineer I've become would take too

long and would a boring subject for the forum ;) ).

So I think I'm gonna give Keyman+ a try.

Thank you for your suggestion.




Keyman+ is one of the most useful apps for the 4[89]+ going! Assigning double-clicks and long presses extends the calculator's keyboard in extremely useful ways. Want ENTER on EEX but need the functtion too? Assign EEX to the long press and make ENTER the short press. Brilliant!


To anyone using keyman+ how do you like being able to use double clicks and long holds? I've been planning similar capabilities for OpenRPN machines, especially as an alternative to shift keys.


I'm not a 49g+ user, but as an RSI sufferer, my $0.02 is that long holds (and probably also double-clicks) should never be the *only* way to execute any instruction, as they are far more stressful on the tendons than a normal key-press.

- Thomas

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