New 12C?


Have you already seen this?

This is being announced as a new release, a replacement of the 12C Platinum. There are about half a dozen similar ads at the site. Some careful buyers have noticed there is no mention of this model at HP official site. And Google returns almost 900 hits for 12C-Prestige, but not a single one in English. Isn't it strange?

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Hi, Gerson;

I've been told about it, but it is mainly to the South America's market, Brazilian at first (main reason you do not find it announced in English).


Luiz (Brazil)

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Some careful buyers have noticed there is no mention of this model at HP official site.

Well, it gets a small mention here.

Please let us know how good it is when you get to try it, ok?

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Thanks Joao and Luiz!

I've found another reference here. But so far no description. Apparently, it's the Platinum in a slightly different color scheme. From the pictures in the mentioned ads the case is also different.


Hi, Gerson,

To me it's a 12C in slightly different color scheme, not a Platinum, since I don't see any of the addenda of the 12C Platinum. Am I wrong? The photograph is not that clear...


-- Antonio


Ciao Antonio!

Here is a better picture:

From the picture, you can see it's basically a Platinum in another color, bronze-like according to one seller.

The case:

This reads: Free! High-quality leather case included.

This appears to be a belt-wearable case.



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Hi, Antonio;

based on the photos (from Gerson and the ones @mercado Livre), the HP12C Prestige has:

RPN and Algebraic mode;

4 times the original HP12C memory;

it has the parenthesis, back-space and undo features.

It is, indeed, the HP12C Platinum new design with a new outfit. One fact I could not figure out so far. The original HP12C Platinum allows up to 31 entries for cash flow analysis, and the add at Mercado Livre mentions that the Prestige allows up to 80 cash flow entries, which agrees with the Owner's Handbook of the new series of the HP12C Platinum


Luiz (Brazil)

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