Lex files Help !!!


How which do I see the commands used in a file lex (71b)?
Thank you


HELPLEX on CHHU03. After you load it, type "HELP" and you will get a very long list of all the keywords in the LEX chain, including all of the BASIC vocabulary. If you have EMU71 (or a real 71B with an HP-IL card and EMU41) specify DOSLINK as the PRINTER IS device to capture the listing. You can also use a HP-IL<->Serial interface to dump the listing to a PC comm program. Finally, a connected printer will capture the output if set as the PRINTER IS device.

There's no documentation for this LEX, but it is based on HELP for the HP-75 on the HPCC88 swap disk. That file is documented in HELPDOC on the same disk. Finally, the source to the HELPLEX lex for the 71 is on the CHHU03 disk, named HELPLEXS



Please forgive an error in the parent post: setting the various devices as "DISPLAY IS" will result in the output from HELP being dumped to them.



Thank You :-)

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