HP-86/87 Service ROMs - whip round request



I see this company:


has the following HP-86/87 Service ROMs for sale:

hp 00087-60912 system & gpib service roms
hp 00087-60913 system & gpib service roms

I think this is a two ROM set, offered at $95 each. Now I can't afford this, but was hoping that enough people here would be willing to club together and buy it, with the intention of making ROM image for the archive at:


This could then be used for Programmable ROM module or PRM-85 module owners like me :-).

Of course if someone has the money to buy them all well and good. To read the ROMs an Assembler ROM is needed, again this is available from the archive.

Any takers to go part shares on this?



PS I bought a 85 Service ROM and made an image which I assume is the one on the series80 site, but have never had sight of the 86/87 Service ROM.


I'm willing to spring for one, but not both ROMs. Next month may be better. 8)

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