RPN as political metaphor


Sort of.

Here's an article, in need of some editing for coherence and rhythm, that suggests that alarmist Congressional pundits get their figures wrong on immigration because they're using RPN. Or not using it, when they should be. Or something.



Thanks for the link Frank. Too bad that author never learned to program in RPN. The discipline would have taught him to cut out the fat and get to the point. He did have an interesting idea though; politicians using RPN. Jimmy Carter probably would have if he had done engineering later in life. I could see Harry Browne using a 12C. Jerry Brown and William Proxmire are candidates. But the pander-to-the-rabble left or the know-nothing right that are the vast majority? NOT! I bet our current Bush has a T.I. to count up those WMDs on.


Good point(s)...


By that logic, Bush must use a supercharged HP-12c with extensions for multivariate calculus.

Think about it; the people who are most hurt by illegal immigrants taking low wage jobs are union workers (who would tend not to be pro-Bush). Other than wanting to be better able to keep bad guys out, Bush has no interest in controlling immigration; that's the cause of the pander-to-the-rabble Left and the know-nothing Right.

Plus, whatever Bush is for, the rabble will be against; all the while considering Bush to be "crazy". So what did he do? He directed the debate to make cheap immigrant labor untouchable, and the only thing that will come out of the legislation is some measure to stop incoming terrorists.

Bush is crazy all right. Crazy like a fox.

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