HP48GX and SPICE 48


I have been poring over the archives for the last few hours (it would be nice to have a search engine there...) and can find nothing on using the SPICE 48 card (Sparcom) with the 48GX. This may not be specifically an application problem however. I am new to the 48, having used a 41CX for many years.

The question is this: When I "view schematic", the calculator writes the schematic to the screen and when it is done, immediately disappears, and "Saving..." appears in the middle of the display. Why doesn't it STOP after it's finished writing to the display?

I thought this might be a flag issue but can find nothing in the flag directory that might pertain. Can anyone give me a clue as to what might be going on?


Hi Cliff.
Sorry, no clue on my side, but if you did not dig in comp.sys.hp48 already,then it may be worth to try the following link:


Hope this helps.
Best regards.


Giancarlo - Thanks for the link - there is actually quite a bit of discussion about this card - which I will pursue. Cliff


I may be mistaken, but isn't SPICE48 for the HP48SX and not GX? If the SPICE48 card is anything similar to the other Sparcom cards, there are a few libraries on the card that were programmed for the HP48SX (namely the interface libraries).


Han - Yes it was written for the SX (I didn't really take note of that earlier) - does it follow, then, that the platform cannot be adapted to running that application? Cliff



the browser libraries from James Donnelly,

Title Browser, Data Browser, and Tool Library,

which make up an important part of the user

interface of the Sparcom cards,

are mostly written in 'conservative' SysRPL.

This means the libs use supported entry points,

and should work on any HP-48 revision.

As far as I can see, the other libs,

which make up the SPICE functionality,

are written in a mixture of UserRPL and SysRPL,

with most parts in UserRPL.

So there's a chance that unsupported entries were used.

And if I recall it right,

there also was a problem with the diagram display

when running on the G series calcs,

but I'm not sure what it was in particular right now.

I once (many years ago) started to convert

the UserRPL code SysRPL, because the SPICE48

application was sooo sloooow.

But then other tasks kept my attention;-)




I came across another clue and possibly the easiest solution: I found that the calculator returned to display the schematic after saving only if I removed the other installed ap card AND inserted the SPICE48 card into slot#2. Everything seems to work as expected now. Even if it is slooooow.
Thanks for all your responses.

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