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Hello everyone.

A few days ago, Karl Schneider included the following line in one of his posts concerning the 33s equation solving function.

Also, SOLVE and INTEG run faster when using a keystroke program instead of an equation.

This is very interesting. Karl, if you are reading this, would you mind expounding a bit on this. Does this mean I can use solve on a subroutine in program memory? (As with a 15c or 34c).

In the 33s owners manuel the only reference to the solve function that I can find is in regard to it's use on an equation stored in the equation list. When I tried to use solve on lbl A in program memory, all I got was ...Select fn...which I presumed to mean from the equation list.
Any and all responses appreciated. Regards, Hal


Hal --

Why yes, I am reading this...

"SELECT FN" is prompting the user to select the single-letter LBL identifier (A..Z) of the program that calculates the user's function to be integrated or solved. The selection is made with the "FN=" command.

Note: If an equation is displayed (in EQN mode) when SOLVE or INTEG is invoked, then that equation will be used. Otherwise, whatever program is currently specified by "FN=" will be used. It's good practice to use "FN=" if you're not absolutely sure what program is presently specified, else you'll run the risk of solving or integrating the wrong function and not even know it. (An invisible input to a built-in function was not the best of ideas...)

General background about SOLVE and INTEG on RPN-based calc's is found in my MoHPC article, which I referenced. I left the specific procedures to the respective manuals, though.


-- KS


Ah yes...the ole FN= command. I also found an entire chapter devoted to solving and integrating programs (ch 14) in the manuel (an index is a marvelous thing, if only I would have used it). It looks like the 33s doesn't solve for a subroutine exactly like the old 15c/34c model, but I'll work through the examples in the manual and see if I can get a handle on it. If not, I'll yell for help.
Thanks, Hal

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